Kotashima Multi-Grain Rice

Kotashima® Multi-Grain Rice
Net Weight: 4 lbs
Kotashima® Multi-Grain Rice is selected from specialty gourmet rice mixes with whole grains. It provides a great taste and a good source of fiber that provides extraordinary nutritional values.

Kotashima® Multi-Grain Rice is a great replacement of high-in-sugar white rice in your daily diet. It contains whole grains, which provides fiber that helps reduce "bad cholesterol" or so-called LDL.

Kotashima® Multi-Grain Rice contains high amount of fiber, which is the source that scientists believe may help prevention of variety of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and digestive disorders. Studies also indicated that people eating high amount of whole grains could reduce the risks of heart disease or heart attacks, diabetes, digestive disorders, and certain types of cancers.

Kotashima Multi-Grain Rice
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  • Manufacturer: Kotashima
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